Queen Sagkeihrhygkke

Guardian of Balance and Queen of Rathua




Alignment: shows up as Chaotic, Lawful, Neutral, Evil and Good ^^


Sage is about 10000 yrs old. She is married to Arehlghianne the Rathuan King. She is notably one of the most insane NPCs but can also be very calm and wise. Sage speaks with an English accent and often says things against what would expected from a normal person. She is the main caretaker of Limbo and uses that fact as a reason for her actions. Sage cares deeply for her children and husband though usually its only apparent to them. Everyone else just thinks shes nuts. Though she makes odd decisions there is a method to everything she does and a reason. Sage is the Daughter of Empress Kharzeia and Emperor Keutohr.

Bio: Sage has a lot of jobs. She is the Guardian of Balance, the keeper of the Fools Diary, the Guardian of Limbo, the Queen of Rathua, The Judge of Heroes and Watcher of the Inbetween as well as a few others.

Queen Sagkeihrhygkke

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