Captain James Albrecht

Missions Giver in The North Hagen Military Base


Av STR, High Vit, Low Dex, Low Agi, High int, Low WIS, Av CHR


HP Range:200

Weapons:Short Sword


Albrecht is the Missions Giver at the “Super Inn.” He spends almost all of his time in the courtyard giving missions to the various factions. The rest of his time consists of paper work with which he hands off to the other members of the base via a small boy he has taken as his apprentice. Albrecht views himself as a fatherly figure, he takes his job very seriously as well as all its rules. Albrecht is the main enforcer of the “lights out by ten” Policy. Albrecht despite being a captain he is really rather a pushover and is a bit skiddish specifically around Wrath and other violence prone people. Albrecht truly is a doormat and is often made fun of for it but though this is the case he does do his job quite well and only makes mistakes based on his paranoia and obsession with the rules. He tends to lose his ability to easily converse when many people are present and is the main channeler of information for the base although his info is often vague and delayed. He may be the mission giver but he uses alot of pronouns and can be confusing.

As for a background, Albrecht is about 48 years old and lost his son to a disease when he was a young father, he is a little obsessed with the idea of being a father but has little confidence so most of his fatherlyness is lost on being walked on. As a note when he is drunk he loses most of his paranoia and becomes more out going and imaginitive.

Captain James Albrecht

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